How long has this been going on?

------ Inspired by Charlie Puth -------

I'll admit,
I was wrong,
I got you, here,
thinking, it will be a dream.
We'r waiting, for so long.
How long has this been going on?

Trust me, oh, baby
I'll take you, where ever you want.
we'll be happy, from now on.
I'll will do, whatever you want.
How long has this been going on?

Now, we just forget, this place,
and go somewhere,else baby,
trust me, oh honey, its waste of time,
baby listen, stay'in here is crime.
How long has this been going on?

Current Trends

How it all started
In the year 2000, Y2K created fear among many companies. Lots of companies had to spend millions of dollars to correct this issue. IBM which created this code did not provide any root cause solution. But asked companies and clients to fix the code at the application level. And at the same time internet was the new phenomenon with lots of people wanting to have a web page in Internet. But since the internet was still at infancy, it could not provide any monetary returns. So there was a dot com collapse. When this was happening in the year 2001, 9/11 happened and shocked the entire world and all the markets collapsed.

Later, then the US government wanted to send a message to other countries, that US market is very stable and incidents like his would not impact them. So radical approach was used to kick start the economy and also they went after the countries which were involved in attacks, which in turn required billions of dollars. But this inorganic growth had to coll…

Is it the end of Telugu immigration to USA?

People sometime say history repeats itself. Some believe in this theory, some don’t. Without getting in that debate, if you notice emigration of people from India to US. You surely will see a distinct pattern. First it was Punjabis and Guajaratis. They came to US in huge numbers and started business, created a vibrant community and blended into the melting pot of US culture. Software boom and other factors impacted emigration of Guajaratis and Punjabis. People from Andhra took the advantage of the software boom and started to emigrate to US in huge numbers.
Y2K was the buzz word, many Telugu folks come to US as software engineers and continued emigrate in spite of 2 recessions in between. People from all walks of life emigrated. Along with the real candidates others such as Agriculture workers, laborers, Teachers, doctors and many others came to US by producing documents as Software engineer. US Consulate also turned a blind eye, they were not doing any due diligence to verify the au…

Snow Storm

Snow Storm
People don't show, in-spite of no snow. Working from home, is the new word to go.
I don't intend to clean my drive way. I know the roads will be slippery on highway
My car ran out of gas and all 5 tires went flat. I locked my doors and have no keys to my flat.
Kids did not get up, my wife was mad on me. I skipped my breakfast, now don't blame me.
I keep giving you the cut and make up the stories. You have free lunch and wine with no worries.

Miss You

I miss your blue eyes, I miss your smile. I miss your sweet voice, I miss your style.
I miss you every step, I miss your walk. I miss you every breath, I miss your talk.
I feel you, I sense you, every bit here. I see you, I think you, are you somewhere near?
I miss you in coffee, I miss you in breakfast. I feel I got no future, I just want to stay in past.
All things I see are boring, stand still and worthless. Everybody over here, have become dumb and lifeless.
O Miss, I miss you, wholeheartedly. I hope, you miss me, at least halfheartedly.
It's a small world, I am sure we will catch up one day. I look forward for that or else I will come down your way.


Short and sweet hair cut.
Sleek and slender butt.

Black pants, elegantly fit
Cardigan top, eloquently knit.

Coach purse, diamond neckline.
Posh make up, brilliance and divine.

Fitbit hands, designer glass.
Splashy bands, Elite class.

Gucci shoes, cat walk diva
Second look, mamma mia.

Setting the style, raring to go.
Firing the aisle,  bustling with flow.

Snow white doll, Numero uno.
Barbie girl, will never let you go.

Human Resource

Hiring consultant or employees in any organization is the most difficult task, if over looked then it can be detrimental to the company’s future. After working in many companies I have noticed certain policies are totally missing or severely misused, some time I feel most of the companies should look into next generation HR policy or else they will face zero growth and no innovation.
Companies which is looking for innovation, growth and interests of its employees and consultant should look some or all of the below points as applicable.
Referral Program : o   Referral programs are great when you want to hire good candidates into the company. But the same referral program are being used to bring in friends, relatives, family member and other mediocre people into the company. Once these people are hired they either waste the Company resources or time. By the time any good manager takes action against mediocre people significant budget is lost. And many times non techno manager do not get th…